NKD Flavors - Blueberry Lemon

Providing a soothing taste that you're sure to love, there isn't anything more pleasing than NKD Flavors Blueberry Lemon. It's an amazing flavor profile that pairs together tart blueberries and zesty lemons, making for an incredible concoction that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with a range of flavors to create your own unique blend.

NKD Flavors Blueberry Lemon is a fascinating flavor that jumbles together a delicious pairing of blueberries and lemons. It's a combined taste that entangles the most delicious tart flavor with just the right zest. The perfect entanglement will become an absolute favorite, on its own, or when combined with additional flavors.

Features & Specifications:

  • NKD Flavor Concentrate
  • 15ML Bottle
  • Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Lemon
  • Food Safe (Can Be Used For Baking and Cooking)
  • Nicotine Base Must Be Purchased Separately

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