NKD Flavors - Lemon Raspberry Ice

Raining zest, NKD Flavors Lemon Raspberry Ice is sure to deliver the shock to the taste buds you've been hoping for. This swell potion of flavors perfectly complements one another to produce the most fascinating taste. It's able to do this with a blend of lemon, raspberry, and menthol.

NKD Flavors Lemon Raspberry Ice is a perfect mash-up of sweet, zesty, and cool. These three flavors come together as a phenomenal trio, giving you the zesty taste of lemons, the sweet taste of raspberries, and the cool taste of menthol. You're left with a flavorsome taste with just the right finishing temperature.

Features & Specifications:

  • NKD Flavor Concentrate
  • 15ML Bottle
  • Flavor Profile: Lemon, Raspberry, Menthol
  • Food Safe (Can Be Used For Baking and Cooking)
  • Nicotine Base Must Be Purchased Separately

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