NKD Flavors - Apple

Thoroughly coating your tastes with a delicious layer of flavor, there isn't anything more pleasing than NKD Flavors Apple. It is the perfect concentrate to build any recipe, making it the perfect base flavor. If you enjoy the sweet, yet bitter taste of green apples, you'll love this tasty flavor addition.

NKD Flavors Apple is one of the most satisfying additions to any ejuice recipe, and if you're looking to master your own concoction that screams with deliciousness, this is one we urge you to consider. It unloads a hefty blend of sweet green apples, including the slightly bitter taste that you've become used to. If you're ready to build the perfect flavor profile, this is a flavor we highly recommend you consider.

Features & Specifications:

  • NKD Flavor Concentrate
  • 15ML Bottle
  • Flavor Profile: Green Apple
  • Food Safe (Can Be Used For Baking and Cooking)
  • Nicotine Base Must Be Purchased Separately

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