NKD Flavors - White Guava

Sloshing around on your taste buds, you won't find another more pleasing flavor than NKD Flavors White Guava. It's a deliciously mouthwatering flavor that offers just the right amount of sweetness for a tropical fruit flavor you'll love. While it's a great flavor by itself, it's even better when it's added to a recipe of flavors.

NKD Flavors White Guava will become one of your absolute favorite flavors. You enjoy loads of white guava flavor, giving you a sweet, tropical flavor that you'll love by itself or adding with other flavors in your recipe. With its sweet taste, this is one of the best options to consider for your DIY ejuice.

Features & Specifications:

  • NKD Flavor Concentrate
  • 15ML Bottle
  • Flavor Profile: White Guava
  • Food Safe (Can Be Used For Baking and Cooking)
  • Nicotine Base Must Be Purchased Separately

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